Waterskating Hiro

Hiro is here and he will save all.


2014 Axis – TRANQ

Promotional video for the release of the 2014 Axis Tranq.

An all new board for Axis designed by Adrian Roper and Myself to appeal to those who like fun. Graphics on the board are a selection of photos I put together that help get me motivated to ride and give off a general Tranq vibe.

Video shot in various locations in Australia ranging from Sunshine Coast, Queensland to Melbourne, Victoria.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this video possible, including the people that built some of the rails in it such as Declan McCarthy, Chris Wardell and others, it wouldn’t be possible without you guys!

For more information on this board and others visit: axiskiteboarding.com , facebook.com/AxisKiteboarding

For more information on the Ozone kites I ride (C4) visit: flyozone.com/kitesurf/en/ , ozonekites.com.au

Merimbula Mambo 2013

Recently I attended the Mambo competition on the south coast of NSW. This is an event that has been going over 30years strong now and I believe is not only the longest running wind event but also the largest of it’s kind. It’s an event that has a great deal of meaning to me as it was one of the first big events I attended and won as a young windsurfer at the age of about 14. I love this place and it’s always cool to return and see some old familiar faces, even if they don’t recognise me!
Although it might seem strange to some people I really enjoy waveriding when the conditions are right so I was happy to get back at it and give the competition a decent crack. It’s not really like any event you have seen before, you go kiting everyday for 4 days and get wasted every night… there’s no heats, you don’t know who the judges are and if you’re not having fun or taking it too seriously you have no hope in winning it. Sound like my perfect comp right??? haha. I didn’t really care whether I got a place or not but I’m always stoked to get called up and get a prize off the massive table they have laid out. This year I was lucky enough to get 4th in the Open mens and scored myself a watch, I can’t wait for next year but I just wish it wasn’t so far away! haha.





(Having a session at Short Point, photos by: Steve McCormack)



We all go through low times, times when your passion becomes mundane and what made you stoked yesterday is bumming you out today. It’s an age old problem and the only solution I’ve found that addresses this problem well is to keep things fresh. The truth is you can’t simply do the things you like the best all the time, because if you do those things become so everyday normal that they just don’t seem special anymore. It’s why we all love kiting, it’s something that doesn’t always come together, but when it does it can be amazing, it’s those times in between that get us stoked on the good bits. If you are in a place where it’s possible to ride everyday chances are you are going to burn out and get sick of it, this is where mixing it up and keeping the stoke alive is all too important. I love to ride a wakeboard behind the kite, but doing it all the time just gets too much, I have to mix it up and whether it’s riding a surfboard or a wakeskate it’s those two things that really keep my passion alive. If I didn’t have those other two avenues to pursue I probably would have been totally over kiting a long time ago. This is what makes kiting great for me – Possibilities!

Home Alone 2

Photo - Toby B

Photo – Toby B

I’ve been at home for about a month and a half now, except for the 2 week trip I did up to Cairns and I’ve got to say I’m pretty much done with it! haha.
I needed to come home after travelling the whole first half of the year and using up all my visa time in Europe. Now I’m here and it was cool for the first week or two, but sitting home alone while my girlfriend mum and dad are all in Europe isn’t exactly a hoot. It’s kinda like Home Alone 2 at my house except I’m that creepy dude setting booby traps for myself all over the place.

It’s funny when you look back at how at one point you were feeling really stoked to come back home and then after you’re home a while you wonder just exactly what you were thinking… Nothings changed, everyone is doing the same shit (reminds me of this song – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m30uQqf_m6k ). All the people who were on the road to no-where are still on the road to no-where and all the other people are still just chipping away at what ever it was that they were doing when you first left. Only now those people get a bitter taste in their mouths at the very sight of your face because they constantly see all your photos and updates on FB of you skylarking while their meant to be working… Everyone that you run into pretty much knows exactly what you have been doing, whilst you haven’t got the faintest idea what they have been doing, because frankly you couldn’t really give a toss about what happened at their work last week or at some terrible bar that everyone goes to because there isn’t any other choice.

Life as a proffesional traveller is pretty sweet and is not to be taken for granted. A trip home every now and again is a nessisary evil in order to inflict on you the mundane reality of common day to day dweling. If you travel alot lot like me, revel in your ability to take in things that many people will simply never see or get to do and remember that you could always be in a much worse situation than you are currently in.
If you aren’t a traveller and you are one of the bitter folk I speak of, my advice to you is to DO SOMETHING. Travelling is no where near as hard, scary or as expensive as you or many other people manke it out to be. Take a short cheap trip somewhere close (thailand, bali etc.) get a feel for what it’s like and get on the bandwagon. You haven’t lived until you have travelled!

Next week I will be gliding back to Europe and back to my very causal job as a world tour judge. I hope it all goes smoothly but even if it doesn’t I will try and focus on the positives of being abroad and living life to the fullest!
For the record I guess I’m actually on the road to nowhere as well, except I’m doing it the long way.

I wish everyone traveling around out there good luck and keep at it!