“Cooked” – Part One – Cairns

Recently I did a little trip to Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia. The wind wasn’t the best but the sliders at cable were fresh. Check it out to get the gist of what went on!


Defacing a timeless classic.

I came across this video through one of my friends and I have to say it’s not what I thought it would be, however this chick is insanely talented and I really like the end result. Check it out.

Tarifa 2013 – Part Two – Slinging the strings.

This is something like what you could expect if you were to stay two days in tarifa. Both days weren’t particularly amazing and both were fairly gusty and around the same strength. One day was from the Pointe direction and the other from the usually gustier and stronger Levante. The flat water spots whilst I was there were mega crowded with kooks and people teaching everywhere and it didn’t interest me one bit to try and deal with that for a slice of mildly flat water. So it was off to the ramp/surf spots for me. I was on the 11m C4 at all 3 spots and whilst looking pretty fun on film all 3 spots proved very difficult haha.
In the end though when you film you just have to go and get it done when you can and I guess this little vid is testament to that.
Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

Tarifa 2013 – Part One -Tarifan cuisine

You can’t go to Tarifa (or any place for that matter) and not sample some local cuisine (of all sorts haha). So this is a little video I made of what a typical dinner might be in the small spanish town of Tarifa. I kept this edit seperate from my kite edit because like many people I hate when some clown makes a 6min video with about 30seconds of riding in there somewhere and expects you to watch him talking for half of it and all the other bullshit in-between… So you can thank me later.

Snow-kiting in Poland

Earlier this year I got the chance to try snow-kiting for the first time. Karolinas dad Piotr took me to a frozen lake near Warsaw to try it out. I haven’t really snowboarded before and it was my first time using my new 2013 C4 so I was interested to see what it would be like. To be honest it wasn’t really that hard to ride around, probably easier than on the water if anything, but it deffinetly gave me even more respect for the guys who are actually throwing down some legit stuff on the snow. Just the conditions, cold, wind, etc are pretty hard to deal with and I can’t really imagine myself trying wakestyle kind of stuff off the snow. Anyway it was a pretty fun time and it made me want to get to the slopes to give snowboarding a decent shot!


Just remember, no swimming guys… incase you wanted to haha.


New 2013 Ozone C4, lets see how it goes!

How does this work again???


First run, stoked!


Slowly sussing it out, with a press on the snow.


Just cruising


Finding out you can go pretty fast on the snow.


Hey mum, look at me!!!


Last run, time to pack it up.


I guess these guys didn’t read that sign…


At this point I’m still trying to work out what the fuck they are doing… It’s -15 outside and I’m still cold with a shit ton of clothes on.


Ohhh I see, he’s making ¬†snow blanket, that oughta warm him up…


Must have been to hot under the snow, because they are all back in the water again…

Triple-S wild-card.

Here’s the entry I made for the chance at scoring a wildcard into the 2013 triple S competition in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA.
It’s a comp that embodies all the good things about kiting, flat-water, waves and sliders! It would be cool to go check it out one day.
So in the true spirit of the SSS I put a mixture of all styles in-compassing the comp, with an extra “S” added for good measure… That means this is a quadruple-S wildcard video… that’s nek level.
Hope you enjoy it!