Merimbula Mambo 2013

Recently I attended the Mambo competition on the south coast of NSW. This is an event that has been going over 30years strong now and I believe is not only the longest running wind event but also the largest of it’s kind. It’s an event that has a great deal of meaning to me as it was one of the first big events I attended and won as a young windsurfer at the age of about 14. I love this place and it’s always cool to return and see some old familiar faces, even if they don’t recognise me!
Although it might seem strange to some people I really enjoy waveriding when the conditions are right so I was happy to get back at it and give the competition a decent crack. It’s not really like any event you have seen before, you go kiting everyday for 4 days and get wasted every night… there’s no heats, you don’t know who the judges are and if you’re not having fun or taking it too seriously you have no hope in winning it. Sound like my perfect comp right??? haha. I didn’t really care whether I got a place or not but I’m always stoked to get called up and get a prize off the massive table they have laid out. This year I was lucky enough to get 4th in the Open mens and scored myself a watch, I can’t wait for next year but I just wish it wasn’t so far away! haha.





(Having a session at Short Point, photos by: Steve McCormack)


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