We all go through low times, times when your passion becomes mundane and what made you stoked yesterday is bumming you out today. It’s an age old problem and the only solution I’ve found that addresses this problem well is to keep things fresh. The truth is you can’t simply do the things you like the best all the time, because if you do those things become so everyday normal that they just don’t seem special anymore. It’s why we all love kiting, it’s something that doesn’t always come together, but when it does it can be amazing, it’s those times in between that get us stoked on the good bits. If you are in a place where it’s possible to ride everyday chances are you are going to burn out and get sick of it, this is where mixing it up and keeping the stoke alive is all too important. I love to ride a wakeboard behind the kite, but doing it all the time just gets too much, I have to mix it up and whether it’s riding a surfboard or a wakeskate it’s those two things that really keep my passion alive. If I didn’t have those other two avenues to pursue I probably would have been totally over kiting a long time ago. This is what makes kiting great for me – Possibilities!


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