Back to the essence of true hip-hop…

Well not really, actually not at all. But I am back to the land of interwebs!!!

I was in SA for the last moth or so and the internet we had there was pretty sucky, hence the reason I didn’t post anything here.

SA was pretty nice. If you have never been there it’s pretty much the same as Australia except with more Aboriginals (name for native people). It’s quite similar in respect to general nature and the atmosphere it invokes. South Africans seem to have a similar sense of humor as well but their tone is rather hard to read, often you can’t tell if they are happy, angry or neither as everything they say comes out sounding pretty similar but you work it out soon after getting in a few fights.
One notable difference however is obviously the poverty. Some people there are really poor (like poor as hell poor), they live in slums under tin roofs they have constructed themselves sometimes with thousands of others all around them. It’s an interesting/scary site to see that some people have to deal with stuff like this on a daily basis and is also one reason why SA is far more dangerous than Australia. These people have nothing and they come from nothing, so they are more than happy to take from others to get something, which in my opinion is pretty understandable.
I didn’t have any trouble myself (probably because I look like a crazy hobo) but I heard several stories of things happening all around us. One story was of a European guy kiting at our local spot the week before we arrived. He was stabbed by a gang of people in the very same carpark we went to almost everyday. Obviously I don’t know the exact details, but it’s better to stay away from trouble and bad areas when there if you can avoid it.

Amongst all this though is great beauty. SA has some amazing mountains and beaches to discover and look out from. If it wasn’t for the strikingly cold water at the surf spots I would almost say it is better than Australia… but not quite!

I’m in Poland now on route to Tarifa for 10 days before flying to Morocco for the first stop of the world tour. I’m pretty excited to see how everyone is riding after the break. Also I hope to film/shoot some nice videos and photos with my mate Toby Bromwich. Lets just see what happens there haha.

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