Yes it is YOUR problem!

What am I talking about your probably wondering? I’m talking about the image of our sport (kiteboarding) and the way it is portrayed in media and perceived by other sports people.

People (riders) these days seem to be of the persuasion that the image of the sport isn’t really their problem and that they can’t really make a difference themselves because the issue is too big and thus out of their hands to control… I would like to take the time today to tell you all that this is total bullshit!

One of the biggest issues I see all too often are riders getting shots in magazines and even covers of sub-par quality riding and photography. All too often it is of a rider that could have easily produced something 100% better. Usually when questioned about this issue or photo the rider responds with “Oh it wasn’t my choice”, “The magazine chose it” and, “Well at least I got some coverage”… Let me tell you now, it is your choice and it is 100% your fault that a shit shot got run of you. You have the choice not to have a photo run, if you really don’t have anything better than a sub-par shot then it’s easy – don’t run that shot! More often than not though riders give the media a choice of a ton of different photos and it’s the editor of the magazine that wants to run some shitty looking photo because his untrained eye sees something that resembles a newpaper article or similar. Most of the time these guys have no idea of tricks or what is or isn’t legit so they are just going to run whatever they think looks nice or fits in with their current layout. – This is why it is up to the rider (you) to help these people to go with something that doesn’t harm our image as a boardsport everytime it’s viewed. You have the choice of what shots to send them – only send them photos that a worthy and they have no choice but to choose something decent! Give them a file of 100+ shots and they are for sure going to choose some obscure terrible looking shot that’s in there somewhere.

Bottom line is: YOU have the choice, YOU have the power to influence what shots are used for print and ultimately how our sport is viewed by others. It is 100% YOUR fault if your shitty photo is run as a cover or similar, so DO SOMETHING about it!

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