New Years Throwaway

Cleaning out my hard drive for the new year and found a few unused and random/ funny clips from around the place, so decided I would put together a little throw away video for the bored people of the scoop to frown upon.
Consisting mainly of some surf riding footage in super light wind at home, some kite-skate footage at the same spot on another day and also some kiteskate from WA. This all got mixed together with random moments from everytwhere.

I hope you enjoy it! Or if not at least bitch with all your mates on here about how much of a sh!t rider/ guy in general I am.

Happy New Year Guys!

Kitesurf/ Kiteskate – Karolina Winkowska
Skate – Ben Winding
Random moments – Ewan Jaspan, Rick Pryce, Simon Wicherman

7 comments on “New Years Throwaway

  1. Herald says:

    Cool movie and cool moves! One question; what kind of board is the kite/skate board with the green stripes riding it with vans 🙂

    • inkoe says:

      Hey dude cheers for watching! The skate is a custom skate made by the elusive and ever secretive board builder who goes only by the name of Barracuda… I have never met this magical French being but I imagine him to look something like Robinson Crusoe.

  2. Herald says:

    ok Inkoe, thanks for your reply. Haha the mysterious Barracuda. Well then I’ll push my own skills building it. However I won’t imitate the green stripes.

  3. inkoe says:

    No worries man! The green stripes aren’t on mine anymore either.

  4. Herald says:

    Allright then. Last question: Can you give me the sizes of the board? Its’ difficult to estimate the sizes from the movie. About 4’8″ x 16″ x 1 ? (145cm x 40cm x 2,5cm)
    Of course at the ends the board gets a little thicker and smaller.

  5. inkoe says:

    Hi, I can’t remember exactly but It’s about 116cm x 41cm x 4cm. As you said the thickness varies.

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