New Board.

I’ve been sitting around quite a bit lately due to no wind and hot weather and I decided it would be a good idea to re-shape one of my old shortboards into something funky… Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I have done this kind of thing before but you always forget how much effort it is, mainly in the shaping and sanding department that sh!t sucks more than anything.

What did I do? Well, I started with what was a half decent Drew Anderson shaped 6’1. I took a saw and cut about 3-4inches off the tail and then about another 6 off the nose. I didn’t measure or really think about how short it was going to be, I just looked at it and cut it where I thought it would work and look nice. I did measure up the fins quite a lot though. I wanted to use the old front fins of the thruster as the back fins of the Quad setup but I wasn’t sure if it would work. Most quads I’ve seen are spaced a lot further a part and I wasn’t sure if that would be an issue. I ran with what I thought and put in a whole new Tri-fin setup just incase the Quad setup was rubbish.

The board ended up being a 5’1 haha. I thought it would be way too short for surfing but fun to kite on, it’s still really light as far as boards go so I thought it would be nice for airs and the such. I ended up making 2 of my own fins out of an old set of glass-ins. I needed the fins to sit further back on the board and by making my own I could put the FCS lugs right at the front of the fin. It was pretty easy I just cut them out with a hacksaw and filed and sanded them back to fit. They even ended up being exactly the same size and shape as the 2 Kelly figure 8 fins I already had.

How does it ride? I’m sure your wondering. Well I tested it today and it was actually super fun. Surprisingly I had more fun surfing it than kitesurfing it, but that may have been due to the shitty wind. Although it felt super small when I was laying on it the board was actually super quick to get going and had a lot of speed on the flat and through turns on some pretty average waves. It was a lot of fun to muck around on and I couldn’t believe I was surfing a 5’1 in such bad surf. I always thought you didn’t really need that extra board in-front of you and this just proved it to me. Obviously it’s not a board for every condition, but it’s definitely a cool thing to add to your quiver, especially seeing it only cost me about 30bucks all up!

Get out there and make one yourself!

5'1fish 5'1fish-3 5'1fish-2

3 comments on “New Board.

  1. seb says:

    Good job man

  2. seb says:

    Get a video of you in action!

  3. inkoe says:

    Cheers man! I will try and get some footage of it soon, but you know how it is trying to get people to film hahaha.

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