Yamba surfing.

While I was in Yamba. I also checked out some of the surf spots. I have been there before so I knew what should be alright. Karolina said she would take some photos for the first part of the surf so luckily I got some shots! haha.

This day was pretty cool, Angourie (famous break) was packed and it was pretty crap. Whilst one point further down Spookys was pretty damn good and hardly a soul to be seen… strange stuff. I also had a nice board to ride. I brought along my 1970’s Emerald single fin. It’s not the easiest board to ride and if you have ever rode a single fin you will know what I mean. But, I do love riding this board and I always have heaps of fun on it. It always gets the old guys stoked to see me riding it as well. It was actually the board my father taught me to surf on when I was a kid so it has a special place in my shed haha.

Walking out to the jump.

Better time it right… haha.

See how the single goes on that one.

No waves now, time to go.

First wave…

Nice long line around the point on this one.

Scenic shit.

I thought this looked funny.

Bit to late on this one, had to straighten out.

Watch out for the rocks.

Diggin the old girl in.

Turns feel good on this board.

One last shady ride.

Turns into the beach.

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