Seeing as though my girlfriend is here I decided I should do the touristy thing and take her a few places. Today (mainly because my mum suggested it, I couldn’t really give a f#ck about the place) we went to Nimbin… Here’s how it went.

Karolina – Stoked on how big and fast my car is.


On the way down into Lismore.


Further decent into “the wok” as it is known.


Self explanatory –


There’s some pretty cool houses around this area and as Karolina points out they look pretty strange, like no where else in the world.


The landscapes around this area are also petty cool, sadly I didn’t take any good pictures for you to see.


Finally arrived…




Lots of random shops and general tweakers in this town – the scope of which is only poorly represented by these photos.


The “Hemp Embassy” – Where tweakers and general lunatics lurk hard.


Bringabong – the local skateshop hahaha.


This trip quickly made me realise why I don’t come here ever… A town full of wannabe hippies and wacked out weirdos, floating around on LSD and shrooms pretending like they have some greater knowledge and help for all human kind… Well get this, real fucking hippies don’t live in or anywhere near, or have anything to do with the commerical wasteland that is Nimbin.
There is nothing at all legit about Nimbin… except of course the skatepark! wow… shit is real as it gets. Snake run with noping and small over-vert bowls with pool coping. Too legit for me…


This guy was shredding – Switch crooks in the small pool.

I always drive past this sign in Lismore and I can’t for the life of me work out what the hell it’s for… “Road Ahead”… cheers captain fucking obvious.

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