Longboarding or wrongboarding?

I’m all for people doing whatever they want, be it however stupid that task may be. Hell I kiteboard, that’s pretty wack in my opinion… but this little vid has left me stumped.
I can’t tell if it’s kinda cool or just stupid as hell.

I mean this guy does a couple of rad tricks, like footplant slides and slides to no-complys down some sort of mildy steep hill. He’s using a longboard as it’s meant to be used whilst innovating and incorporating various street style aspects into his repertoire… This I dig! But the other stuff I’m not so sure about.

I’m confused as to why he is poorly (and super slowly) rolling around a skatepark on a longboard, doing really lame tricks that were gay at least 30 years ago… I mean seriously, underflips?, 360flips where you don’t even land on the board??? And to top it off the whole video is started with some heinous fucking Mongo pushing! Are we really going to have to go through all this shit again? Is this going to be a new trend? Kids clogging up parks, doing shit on longboards that was gay 30 years ago? I fucking hope not. I just don’t see the point… If you want to skate a park, ride a skateboard, it makes sense.
(I must give him props for the flatground hardflip he did though, that actually looked pretty sick!)

This all being said though I have seen one dude kill it on a “longerboard” (I use that term lightly because all it was was a board shaped like regular but half as long again), I think his name was Longboard Jerry and he did some sick stuff! But still I don’t understand why… I guess this kind of stuff will always be lost on me, much like people SUPing perfect waves…

2 comments on “Longboarding or wrongboarding?

  1. Brian says:

    Tend to have similar thoughts about this:

    • inkoe says:

      Hmmm I see what you mean.
      Although I think the concept for this vid was pretty cool. Obviously all the slo-mo is wack as hell but the idea behind the vid is solid. Once again, this guy some some pretty cool tricks here and there, a lot of it is wack but he is using random objects to his advantage, which I think is cool.
      Personally, yeh I think this vid is a little wack, and it probably doesn’t deserve as much props as I’m sure it’s getting (mostly people who don’t skate). But, I think this vid is a lot better than what I posted and makes far more sense than the guy in my vid riding a longboard in a skatepark… This guy here in my opinion is also far more talented.

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