What the f#ck…

Yeah, I know at least 1 (or probably closer to zero) people are thinking it and you’re right… What happened to this blog. To be honest, I’m a lazy piece of work and I don’t like doing shit that I should or could be doing. I like doing whatever I want to do, which is usually not a great deal, so this blog got left behind like all the other things I half do and then put in the corner some where.

I would like to promise that I’m going to keep this thing going steady now, and that something like this won’t happen again. But we all know that is a heinous fucking lie. I should have made it my “new years resolution” maybe that would work…

What I am going to do though is try and post more shit on here I find entertaining and more thoughts I have about general day to day type crap. Most people probably wont like it, but I couldn’t give a fuck what most people think to be honest.
Basically what I plan to do is do what I do on FB now, but better on my blog, that sounds somewhat achievable… I’m all for setting achievable goals.

Be back soon, KthanksByexoxoxo.

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