Kite wave world tour???

While I’m on here ranting and raving about shit no one really gives a fuck about I figured I would take this opportunity to rant some more about just that – KSP.

Firstly wtf… I’m not sure whether to laugh cry or just be genuinely confused when I see almost any type of media from this charade. But I know one thing is for sure, it’s a joke…

They couldn’t pick a worse spot for a competition based on actually trying to “ride” waves than One- Eye. This spot has almost full offshore wind and massive waves, making even the most experienced of riders look like total kooks. If anything they should have held a fucking speed comp there… They could have even got the local police or someshit to come down and use their speed camera to clock how fast everyone is going.

Hey here’s how it could have worked:
1. Go out, find the biggest wave you can.
2. Go as fast as you can on the wave and try and break the record your friend has set.
3. Come in, do a shot of tequila, snort a line of coke, pat yourself on the back and tell the live-feed how gnarly and radical you are and how much of a top bloke everyone else is.

OH WAIT… that’s pretty much what happens already.

To add insult to injury they run a womens division…
(Now I’m not against women doing any sort of sport and some women can actually be fucking good at things – hell there’s lots of women out there that are better than me at probably everything I can do)… But this Womens division was a joke. I’m not sure I have ever seen anything this bad being done under a “world tour” label in any sport in my entire life… Hooked in riding, doing mild “squigglys” light-years infront of any hittable lip… I’m not exactly sure what “KSP” stands for but my initial assumption of “Kunce Suck Pole” is slowly seeming like a highly logical option.

Here’s one of their “keepers” from day one… I’m sure there’s a lip somewhere near by:


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