Here’s a little pic I took the other day and found somewhat amusing… How’s this for a laugh – some “Sea Sweeper Specialist” starts a shop (or whatever the fuck it is) and wonders,
“What could I call my shop that would sound cool and edgy”…
“I know Mongoboards sounds like a sick name!”.

Yeah right, good fucking call old bud… You picked probably the worst name I could possibly think of. You might have well have called it “Pooboards”, it would have had a similar ring to it, and the same classic effect on me when I saw your van across the street.

Actually makes me think, I wonder if I know this guy… or for sure someone I know knows this guy… Maybe he will see my blog, that would be fucking cool.

2 comments on “

  1. mick says:

    Just so happens the boards are flying out the door but thanks for the kind comments

    • inkoe says:

      Good to hear the name hasn’t affected your sales too much, I guess luckily most people aren’t really skate lingo savvy.
      Hope you don’t think I was having a personal stab at you (hell I don’t even know you) but your business name is fucking classic!

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